(Associate) Director Operations

Citryll is a young and dynamic clinical stage therapeutic biotech company, located at the Pivot Park in Oss, The Netherlands. Citryll is taking a new approach to treat immune mediated inflammatory diseases including autoimmune diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), as well as severe skin and lung conditions. Citryll’s lead therapeutic CIT-013 specifically extinguishes the source of proinflammatory components, organ damaging components and autoantigens instead of broadly suppressing the acquired chronic inflammation.

Neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs), are part of the innate immune defense mechanisms but become pathogenic when their release is abundant and uncontrolled. Citryll’s lead anti-citrullinated histone antibody (ACHA) CIT-013 binds to N-terminal citrullinated epitopes on histones present in NETs, blocks NET formation, and promotes clearance of preformed NETs in tissues, all downstream of the protein citrullination pathway mediated by PAD enzymes. Inhibition of NET formation and accelerating clearance of preformed NETs reduces the exposure of autoantigens and toxic histones to the extracellular environment, leading to a decrease of proinflammatory mediators and protection of endothelial lining and organ tissue.

CIT-013 is a human antibody and is currently being tested in the clinic for safety & tolerability, PK and PD and the first clinical data have been evaluated. The next step in development will be the start of proof-of-concept phase 2a clinical studies.


In Oss, the birthplace of many blockbuster drugs including the most successful PD1 antagonist antibody, we conduct various R&D elements of the CIT-013 program. This includes mechanism of action studies, research on new therapeutic use, bioanalytical assay development, clinical sample testing and pharmacological studies on patient neutrophils and whole blood.


The (Associate) Director Operations will provide cross-functional support for the operation of key business functions. The (Associate) Director Operations is expected to work closely with the COO and key disciplines within the organization (e.g. financial, clinical, research, business development, Quality Management System).

Key Responsibilities

(Associate) Director Operations responsibilities include:

  • Process improvements and operational excellence within the organization, including supporting Quality management system activities, standardizing workflow, information management systems and project management
  • In concert with legal counsel and R&D stakeholders, organize and review agreements (e.g. Non Disclosure Agreements, Material Transfer Agreements, contracts, consulting agreements)
  • Public relations in partnership with CEO and COO by updating website, press release strategy, and setting up conference meetings
  • Operational business development and fundraising support with CEO and COO (e.g. preparing materials, coordinating follow-up, dataroom management)
  • Central point of contact for IT service providers incl Data Protection Officer
  • Support COO with budgeting and financial reporting
  • Support housing activities, such as renting labs and offices and adaptations
  • Support and structure HR activities (organizational development, updating personnel files)
Competencies, qualifications & skills

The candidate ideally fits the following requirements:

  • Academic degree: Minimum MSc with affinity for the life sciences
  • MBA or finance degree is a plus
  • >5 years working experience, preferably in the life sciences sector
  • Proactive and entrepreneurial mindset
  • Excellent communicator, orally and in writing in English
  • Based in the Netherlands, hybrid working possible

Please send your CV and a short motivation letter to Sjoerd van Gorp (). Also, you can use this email address for informal enquiries about this vacancy before applying.

Please Note

Your personal information including your email address and CV will be kept on file during the hiring procedure but will be permanently deleted from our systems at the latest after 2 months of receiving it.