Our Team

Citryll’s team consists of seasoned scientists
and pharmaceutical professionals experienced in
the discovery and development of first in
class medicines with a new mechanism of
action like CIT-013

Helmuth van Es, Ph.D.

CEO, Executive Director

Helmuth is a co-founder of Galapagos, where he was Head of Science in Leiden, responsible for numerous  discovery programmes many of which are now in clinical development. He co-founded Audion Therapeutics, Antabio, Effecta Pharma and Citryll. Audion Therapeutics is a clinical stage company focussed on small molecule treatments for acquired forms of hearing loss based in part on IP of co-founder Albert Edge at the MEEI in Boston. Eli Lilly and Inkef Capital are investors in Audion. He is non-executive director of Antabio  a small molecule antibacterial company with headquarters in Toulouse, France, subsidiaries in the UK and US.  Effecta is a UK based small molecule discovery company focussing on dengue and related flaviviral infections. 

Renato Chirivi, Ph.D.


Renato is co-founder of Citryll and responsible for the scientific strategy of the tACPA programme. He is co-inventor of tACPA antibodies and as such an expert on antibody discovery and developmentprotein citrullination, and NET biology. He has over 30 years’ experience in cancer, neurobiology and molecular immunology which he gained at the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research in Italy, The Scripps research institute in California, USA, the Nijmegen Center for Molecular Life Sciences, as well as ModiQuest BV, the Netherlands.  

Marlon Dijkshoorn, M.Sc.


Marlon is founding partner of F.institute, a full service finance boutique dedicated to companies in the life sciences sector. Having more than 25 years of experience in financial management from large enterprises to venture funds and small technology companies, he acts as part time CFO for Citryll. 


Next to Citryll, Marlon is also CFO of other leading life science ventures. He provides critical support in raising capital investments and delivering high quality information to all stakeholders. 

Murray Yule, MD, Ph.D.


Murray Yule is a UK trained physican from Addenbrookes Cambridge with an extensive experience of the European biotechnology sector.  With almost twenty years experience in pharma Murray has a deep knowledge of early clinical development predominantly on novel targets in immunology and haematology.

Whilst at Chugai Murray led the early development of emicuzimab (hemilibra) in Haemophillia A a bisepcific antibody which was ultimately outlicensed to Hoffman La Roche. At Avexis Murray was responsible for the ex-US development of onasemnogene abeparvovec-xioi (Xolgensma) a gene therapy for the treatment of Spinal Muscular Atrophy the success of which led to the acquisition of Avexis by Novartis. Murray launched tofacitinib (Xeljanz) – the first JAK inhibitor for rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis.

Beyond his clinical expertise he has considerable outlicensing and financial experience in the biotechnology sector having established co-development partnerships with Merck and Novartis and as Chief Medical Officer at BerGenBio was part of the team that drove an oversubscribed IPO. Murray took Xynomic Pharma public on the Nasdaq exchange in 2019

Leonie M. Middelink, M.Sc.  

Head of Clinical Operations

Since 2013 Leonie is working as an independent Clinical Research Executive for (academic) hospitals (Amsterdam UMC, Dutch Cancer Institute, UMC Utrecht, Radboud University) and biopharmaceutical companies (Roche, Enceladus, Arthrogen, Audion). Before being self-employed she headed the Clinical Operations Department at Roche Pharmaceuticals.  She has > 20 years experience in biopharmaceutical research covering phase I-IV trials (industry and academically driven), in a wide variety of disease categories.  

Leonie was board member of the Dutch Association of Pharmaceutical Medicine from 2012-2018 and member of several task forces within the Dutch Clinical Research Foundation. 

Paul Vink

Director Immunology

Paul has over 30 year’s experience in the pharmaceutical industry in Oncology and Autoimmune Diseases. He held various positions with increasing project and management responsibilities at Organon, Schering Plough, MSD, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Aduro Biotech, and AIMM Therapeutics. Paul has a strong passion for science and is an expert in translating fundamental research into drug discovery and development solutions, building translational flowcharts for drug discovery and identification of (bio)markers for drug development both in small molecule and biologic programs. His work have been critical for the now FDA and EMA approved BTK inhibitor acalabrutinib, the CD27 agonist antibody program (MK-5890) currently in phase 2 clinical studies at Merck & Co and anti-APRIL antibody (BION-1301) now in development for treatment of IgA Nephropathy at Chinook Therapeutics.

Peter van Zandvoort

Associate Director Bioanalytics

Peter has over twenty years’ experience in working in the R&D of the international pharmaceutical companies MSD/Organon, Khondrion and Aduro Biotech Europe, The Netherlands. At Aduro, a company advancing novel antibody therapies for immune-oncology Peter served as the Bioanalytical Lead and contributed extensively in the development of two clinical and one pre-clinical stage antibodies APRIL (BION-1301), CTLA-4 (ADU-1604) and SIRP (ADU-1805), respectively.
Peter’s contribution at Khondrion in the development of unique live-cell imaging patient derived bioassays led to the selection of clinical candidate KH176 (Sonlicromanol), which was granted an orphan drug designation by EMA/FDA and entered Phase IIb KHENERGYZE study to treat a range of mitochondrial diseases. At MSD/Organon, where he headed the cell-based bioanalytical group, he gained a lot of expertise in the performance of bioanalysis of samples from (pre)clinical trials up to Phase III with investigational biological pharmaceuticals in compliance to GLP, which resulted in the launch of Elonva®.
Prior to joining MSD/Organon, Peter worked at the Wageningen University Research Centre and at the Department of Human Genetics at the Radboud University Medical Centre Nijmegen, respectively. At Nijmegen he contributed substantially to the founding of the Nijmegen DNA diagnostic services. 

Maarten van der Linden, Ph.D.

Scientist NETosis Biology

Maarten performed his Ph.D. research at the University Medical Center Utrecht (The Netherlands), Laboratory of Translational Immunology under supervision of Professor Linde Meyaard, working on immune regulation in autoimmune diseases with the focus on inhibitory receptors and NETosis. 

Maarten is responsible for further unravelling the mechanism of action (MoA) of Citryll’s antibody drug candidate, the incorporation of new MoA insight into the drug development plan and identifying new therapeutic applications for tACPA.  

Sangeeta Kumari, Ph.D.

Scientist Innate Immunity

Sangeeta got her PhD from NCCS, Pune (India) where she studied host pathogen interactions. She moved to Finland for her postdoc where she joined Prof. Sirpa Jalkanen lab in Turku University and studied the role of Stabilin-1 molecule in Acute myeloid leukemia. Continuing her research in the Netherlands, she worked in the laboratory of Dr. Jeanette Leusen at the UMC Utrecht, where she developed expertise in antibody related work. She has a keen interest to pursue her career in the development of therapeutic antibodies and joined the Citryll team in October 2019. She is part of the mechanism of action team (MoA) which is focused on unravelling the working mechanism of Citryll’s lead antibody drug candidate CIT-013 and identifying its new therapeutic strategies applications.

Rezie te Poele

Senior Research Associate Bioanalytics

Rezie has  worked for >25 years in the pharmaceutical industry  (Organon, MSD, Aspen) and has a wide experience in protein purifications and different analytical techniques, including 10 years in ELISA assay development & troubleshooting.  

At Citryll she joined the bioanalytics team responsible for the development and qualification of CMC, PK and biomarker assays that will support the clinical trials. 

Inge Reinieren-Beeren

Senior Research Associate Immunology

Inge Reinieren-Beeren, Senior Research Associate/Safety Officer. Inge has extensive experience in cell biology, assay development and molecular biology within R&D in the field of immunology and oncology. At Aduro Biotech Europe, a company advancing novel immune-oncology antibody therapies for cancer, she has contributed significantly to clinical candidate nomination of newly identified anti-SIRPa (ADU-1805) antibody and unraveling the mechanism of action of the clinical candidate antibody anti-APRIL (BION-1301). Prior to joining Aduro Biotech Europe, Inge has worked at the department of Tumor Immunology at the Radboudumc. There she contributed to numerous projects studying human dendritic cells in view of dendritic cell vaccinations and as a potential treatment for cancer. As safety officer at both the department of Tumor Immunology and Aduro Biotech Europe, Inge was responsible for environmental and occupational health and safety as well as the compliance with legislation and regulation regarding the use of Genetically Modified Organisms.
At Citryll Inge is currently responsible for further unraveling the mechanism of action of Citryll’s antibody drug candidate and securing a safe and healthy work environment.